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Apex Town Council
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The Town of Apex has re-zoned lands adjacent to Olive Chapel Elementary School (Kindergarten through 5th grades) to business sites. Now they want to broaden the zoning to include micro-brewery/distillery in land adjacent to the Hwy 540 bridge/the school zone where children walk to and from school, buses enter the school, and students who are entering and leaving east side classes can easily view the business area.

The influence of an alcohol outlet is not welcome in this previously (until 2014 business re-zoning) 100% residential and parkland neighborhood. Alcohol outlets increase the incidence of drunk driving, violence and assaults, illegal drug use, disturbing the peace, public urination and nuisance, and expose children to advertising or promotions that increase their risk of teenage alcohol use. The school is also used in afternoons and evenings for chess and running clubs, YMCA, movie nights, choral nights, etc.

This elementary is the largest of 7 public elementary schools in Apex NC with 1031 students in 2014 so far. We are the 'walking school' and the sidewalks along Olive Chapel Road were built by a grant our gym teacher obtained to encourage walking and biking to school. We won an AHA STAR fitness award for 2014. The children will not be able to avoid exposure to this business, it's signs and clientele.

Please DO NOT broaden the zoning of new business land near Olive Chapel Elementary to include 'micro-brewery/micro-distillery'.

Please DO NOT change our peaceful school and parkland neighborhood into an unsafe/unpleasant bar zone.

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