Hon. Colin Barnett MEc MLA - Premier of Western Australia


Mining companies, such as Titan Energy Ltd, have been granted Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining exploration licences for Wellington Dam near Bunbury, Kaloorup Road near Busselton and Vasse, the Irwin River in the Mid-West and the Canning Basin in the Kimberley.


Water Quality: CSG extraction poses serious risks to fresh water aquifers. The huge volumes extracted from coal seams can lead to major depletions in aquifers used for drinking water, agriculture, other industries and fire fighting. The chemical residues from fracking may cause potentially irreversible contamination to both ground and surface water sources.

Environment: The dissolved salts from CSG permanently ruin good farming land the water contacts, making it useless for agriculture or pastoral production. It is toxic to aquatic life if spilled into creeks or rivers. The latest research conservatively estimates a methane leakage rate of 3.6% - 7.9% of total well production. Over 20 years, this gives CSG a greenhouse gas footprint at least 20% greater than coal.

Health: Of the compounds typically released by CSG; 25% are carcinogenic; 37% affect the endocrine system; 52% affect the nervous system; 40% affect the immune system; and 100% affect the respiratory system.

We, the undersigned, as concerned citizens of Western Australia strongly oppose Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Mining in particular the use of 'fracking' by Titan Energy Ltd or indeed any mining company now or in the future.

The water supply of our towns and small communities should not be put at risk of permanent pollution to allow for short sighted exploitation by the CSG industry.

We wish to protect our groundwater future for our children and our grandchildren and preserve the natural beauty of our State.

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