#Local Government
Amherst, NY, Eggertsville, NY
United States of America

We are the residents of North Ivyhurst Road in Amherst, New York. We are writing to petition against the location of the Catholic Health run drug rehabilitation clinic in our residential neighborhood at 910 Millersport Highway in Amherst, New York.

The Catholic Health System is planning on placing a drug rehabilitation facility within our residential community. This center will allow the dispense of prescription medications to aide with various types of narcotic dependency. The residents were never informed about this clinic being placed directly across the street from their homes. This clinic is also close to a daycare, bus stop, and two local parks/playgrounds. We understand and agree with providing resources to patients struggling with narcotic dependency. However, the presence of this facility will undoubtedly attract illicit drug activity, physical altercations, and other types of crimes to this quiet residential street. Not only will our safety be at jeopardy and home assessments decline, but the surrounding businesses, and eventually the area, will also diminish. Therefore, this drug rehabilitation center should be relocated to a more suitable location, such as a commercial area, not a residential street.

We are urging you to please help relocate this drug rehabilitation center to an appropriate commercial area, not at the center of a residential community and across the street from our homes.

We, the local residents, are urging you to help prevent the 910 Millersport Highway drug rehabilitation center from locating in our residential community.

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