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I have had an ongoing battle with Hutchison 3 mobile who refuse to cancel my contract despite my network coverage being so bad they have had to call me back on my LANDLINE to discuss my complaint. They seem to possess no Complaints Department or Customer Service Manager and broke my phone and tried to charge me for damage to it when I sent it to them (via a 3 shop to avoid damage in the post) at their own request to be checked for network capacity!

They have an Indian call centre who are polite but powerless and seem to exist purely to fob the customer off. Since reading of other's complaints about 3 and similar abuses by mobile phone/internet operators, I have decided that enough is enough and their outrageous behaviour (ie charging for a service they cannot provide) must be outlawed. Across the board. No other company that I am aware of is allowed to behave this way - why should they be?

We the undersigned, petition Parliament to outlaw the practice of mobile phone and internet suppliers binding customers to contracts who cannot receive the service they are paying for. If the provider cannot provide the service (ie network coverage) despite being advised by the customer of the problem, any contract should be considered breached by the Provider and thus null and void.

We further peition that all contracts between Providers and customers can only be considered valid if signed paper copies exist, signed by both parties, and not merely because an online credit card payment has been made.

The customer should also be made aware that their data may be shipped to a foreign call centre, which they can object to under the Data Protection Act.

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