#Animal welfare,community rights
South waikato district
New Zealand

The way the council and animal control dealt with the jimbo incident was completey wrong and there should be an inquiry. Lack of animal welfare in the pound and more animal training in regards to the officers that work there. Lack of maintence and repairs of roads and footpaths, flooding of water drainage systems ie/behind jedburgh and st andrews drive. Which any cause drowning. Decisions made without consulting ratepayers. Cleaning up and/or closure of some alleyways which brings about thrugs and vandalism. Having all these alleyways encourage anti-social behavour and allow criminals a quick getaway.

Removal of some large trees that cause up-lifting of roads and footpaths and damage to pipe lines, slipperly cobblestone footpaths in town centre which is hazzard to public safety. Council need to work alongside police and rental agents to put better tenants in rentals and rental agents would have to do their jobs if they are answerable to both the council and police. Better recycling removal.

We call on the South Waikato dristrict to implement better animal control.

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