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Falcon Cove's Principal
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Falcon Cove Middle School in Broward County, FL has a great PTA and excellent funding - yet does not take the effort to end animal dissection in their science classes, even though they have adequate funds to support humane and possibly even more educational technology for virtual dissections.

FCMS does not openly mention that its students have the right to not dissect - rather, the cutting up of animals is deemed as a graded assignment not to miss out on.

Exposure of students to dissection frequently results in children believing that in their future lives, it is OK to practice animal cruelty. Supporting and encouraging students to partake in such cruelty as "education" supports and encourages "bad science."

We know the future of these children lies in our hands - so we don't shove them
animals specially murdered for cutting up when even less expensive alternatives exist!

Dear Principal,

Falcon Cove Middle School is one of the schools whose science classes still use dissection. This unnecessary cruelty is inhumane and poorly represents our school.

- Pet cats are taken from shelters and killed.
- Baby pigs are torn from their mother’s wombs.
- Chickens are forced in cages for their entire and short lives.
- Hearts are ripped out of sheep’s bodies.

Humane and less costly alternatives exist, such as virtual dissection. We'll attach some links to great programs and technology with even more resources on hand during virtual dissection.

Animals are NOT ours to dissect. Encouraging dissection in students promotes the belief that animal cruelty is OK in their future lives.

We, the undersigned, know that's wrong - and ask you to discontinue dissection activities in all science classes at FCMS, and replace them with the mentioned equally (if not more) educational alternatives.

Believers in an Animal-Friendly FCMS

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