#Animal Welfare
Nkomazi Municipality
South Africa

It would seem that our beautiful area of South Africa has no care for its animals. We see roaming dogs on the highway.

Irresponsible breeding of animals. Farm animals in terrible conditions. Rabies outbreaks (even though the state vet vaccinates for free). Domestic animals gone feral and left to breed and try to survive in the bush. Dangerous Snares left to capture wild animals for food, these snares kill animals in the most horrendous way, being left to die while trapped, family dogs have been found killed by these snares along with the many other animals found long after death occurred. People move home, leaving their 'Pets' behind and sometimes these dogs and cats are only found when a new tenant takes occupancy of the property.

Our area has been advised that we cant have an SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), no funding available. We have a state vet, however, they don't deal with these cases. The closest SPCA is 100 km away. Our area is vast, and without an SPCA we have no where to turn when we see these acts of cruelty, it is left for a few individuals to try band together to help, however, we also do this with our own time and money.

We, the undersigned, call on Nkomazi Municipality and the National Council of the SPCA to make available funding for the opening of an SPCA in this area.

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