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Dear All, I have sat and pondered the following over the past few days, and wondered how the wider audience of facebook felt.
Is the current situation not like the 1st or 2nd world wars, and the end of which our military service personnel received a campaign medal.
Why should our NHS staff not receive the same, they are putting their own lives on the line for us, should they not be recognized at the end of this ???
Just wanted to put this out there, Please Share across your friends and let me know their feelings, I think this is very least they deserve !!!

I want to send this around the uk, lets all show the government how we feel about our NHS staff, and at the end of this Unprecedented period in our history, give our wonderful health professionals something to show our countries appreciation that they can wear with pride. Let’s see if we can get 25,000 signatures to start with,

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The NHS Campaign Medal COVID-19 2020 petition to UK Government was written by Mark Smithers and is in the category Health at GoPetition.

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