#Change in fashion
Victims global fan base and The Killers (who knows)

For each era, The Killers have had an interesting pick on fashion. This makes them unique. Brandon even makes men fall for him and don’t get me started on his photoshoots. One time during a (RED) auction in Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Brandon showed his nails painted in red. This catched the eye of the victims all around the world. Now imagining seeing all of the members of the band with nail polish, it makes a great combo with the charisma they show onstage. Another factor is the guyliner. Brandon says that wearing makeup during the Hot Fuss era was ugly. But we really wish he could show us more of his brandiva side for TK6. Nowadays, Brandon sometimes puts on his guyliner when he performs and that really looks good on him but a dramatic touch would make it even better. We know that this petition might not be possible but if The Killers ever get to see this petition and it’s results, we hope that they will take that into consideration.

We the global victim community, request and hope for The Killers to take in consideration the idea of switching into a more dramatic makeup, hair and nail polish dramatic fashion style (drag queen like) for their next era (TK6).

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