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The Daily Mail (And a number of other news papers) is assuming that because a 13 year old girl listened to their music alot before her suicide that it is their fault. IT IS NOT! This is a false accusation because I am sure that there were things happening in this girls life unrelated to this that caused her to kill herself.

The are NOT A DEATH/SUICIDE CULT! They have been quoted to say things like "Pissing your life away on suicide is bullshit." & "If you or someone you know is suicidal get help" Then there's all the song lyrics that tell people to "Carry On" Just listen & you will have proved these stupid papers wrong!

Let's stop these outrageous claims & make the Daily Mail & other news papers who have said similar things take back all the lies they've told.

They should apologise to My Chemical Romance & all their fans & never ever do anything like this again.


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