#Local Government
Yeadon Borough Council (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
United States of America

Yeadon Borough (Delaware County, Pennsylvania) owns the defunct property which houses the Yeadon Swim Club. Since 2010, junior tennis programming has been offered for free to residents of Yeadon in partnership with the Yeadon Borough Recreation Department, United States Tennis Association, Community Integration Program, Black Tennis Foundation of Philadelphia and Bolloway International Group.

More than 100 students have participated in programming and benefited from the resources provided by generous partners and individuals. For more details visit www.yeadontennis.webs.com.

We, the undersigned, call on the Yeadon Borough Council (Delaware County, Pennsylvania) to

1.) approve a plan of action to develop the defunct property of the Yeadon Swim Club into a multipurpose recreation facility; and

2.) allocate Yeadon Borough resources to plan, build and implement sustainable programming in the planned recreation facility.

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