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LegacyGamers International Gaming Community

Details; Tutorial staff:

Job requirements are to provide base and advanced knowledge to other staff pretaining to the line of work (Deving, Coding, and etc.). Help resolve minor issues and teach new/old staff between the games/servers LegacyGamer's hosts to further boost there abilities.

I am unable to spend as much time coding and deving as i used to and this is a way for me to be in the staff team but at the same time atleast put my skills to good use as a coder/developer.. As i am able to learn how to dev a game very very quickly and can then teach others the CORE of what they need to know in the simplest way possible.

Basic Outline:

This is a petition to allow me(fool) of the LegacyGamers International Gaming Community Staff to partake in a new role, and to step down as an obligatory graphics coder AKA Developer and take a new role as a Dev Trainer/ Tutorial Staff

By signing this petition you are showing a sign of interest in this topic and are backing the election for a new staff role and for i (fool) to partake this role.

Thanks to all.

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