Wyre Forest, Worcestershire and surrounding area
United Kingdom

It is vital that new services be introduced to Kidderminster Hospital.

I very much welcome the Urgent Care Centre, which should now be kept as a permanent facility. A Palliative Care Suite for the terminally ill is very much needed in Wyre Forest. At the moment our patients would go to Worcester or perhaps Evesham or Bromsgrove.

We need a local facility and Kidderminster Hospital is most likely to be able to provide such a service which would cost £500,000 a year. There is a real need in Wyre Forest to offer palliative care beds. Please sign the Petition for new services at Kidderminster Hospital.

We gratefully acknowledge the valuable and essential new services which have been placed at Kidderminster Hospital, such as the Urgent Care Centre (UCC), and ask that the UCC is retained as a permanent facility after the six month trial period.

We strongly urge that further new services be brought to Kidderminster Hospital and in particular call upon the Worcestershire Health Trusts to provide a Palliative Care Bed Suite for the terminally ill at Kidderminster Hospital so that Wyre Forest patients can be given treatment and care locally rather than outside the district.

The New Services at Kidderminster Hospital petition to Wyre Forest, Worcestershire and surrounding area was written by Nigel Knowles and is in the category Health at GoPetition.