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First of all, this petition does not undermine the great history of the Winnipeg Jets. It is understood that the Winnipeg Jets were an important part of the city and province's sports history.

However, many people feel that the Winnipeg Jets legacy ended when they left 15 years ago. It is now time to embrace change and start fresh. The Jets died and they are not coming back. The team that will be coming from Atlanta has no connection to the Jets whatsoever.

The NFL already has the New York Jets. The Winnipeg/Manitoba team name should be unique in the sporting world and a reflection of our culture or geography.

It is recommended that a contest be held to decide the new team name. There are many creative people within our province, and there is no doubt a unique and vibrant name would emerge from such a contest.

Things have greatly changed in Manitoba during the last 15 years. It is time for a new team, a new name, a new logo, and a new attitude.

We, the undersigned, call on TNSE to give the new hockey franchise coming to Manitoba a new name other than the "Jets".

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