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United States of America

We are offering for consideration a new concept in dice manufacturing that establishes the table seated plane of standard cube which restricts the irregular patterning of the cube to the established and accepted cube planes. The new concept specifications were modeled from a single dice of a cancelled dice set at a local Casino.

The information that supports the claim for the need of the deregulation of the current Industry standard dice, the regulation of the new standard and the protection of current and future craps players is at: http://DeadCrapsPlayerSociety.com

We, the undersigned, request feel that the use of irregular pattern modified dice within the Casino Industry is an unfair business practice.

We request Congress to pass legislation for the deregulation of the current Casino Industry standard dice and the re-regulation of the Table Seated Plane Dice Concept and the Identical Dice Verification System to be used as the policing mechanism as described on the website http://DeadCrapsPlayerSociety.com

We, the undersigned, move to recommend the Table Seated Plane Dice concept which encompasses the implementation of a Table Seated Plane Dice Cube Model as new standard for identical dice verification.

We move for the purposes of protecting individuals who are harassed for speaking publicly of modified dice patterns, as revealed on the website DeadCrapsPlayerSociety.com

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