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The Dresden Files TV series (TDF) is based on the best-selling book series written by Jim Butcher.

The series began on the Sci-Fi Channel on January 21, 2007 with the episode Birds of a Feather and ran for a total of 12 episodes, ending with Second City on April 15. Despite a very short season & NO advertising or promotion by Sci-Fi Channel, the show did amazingly well - earning viewer ratings equal to, & some even better than, the Sci-Fi Channel's highly publicized ‘flagship’ show Battlestar Galactica.

To ensure that the Sci-Fi Channel & its owners NBC/Universal understood how important the show was to fans of the scifi genre’, Dresden Files fans began writing letters to them and praising the show.

On July 4, 2007, a statement was released in an Edmonton, Canada newspaper that Lionsgate – who produces TDF – were moving one of their series to Edmonton for production. One of the series listed that could possibly move was the Dresden Files! This statement gave hope to the fans, who persisted in the letter-writing campaign & began contacting the media.

On July 14, an e-mail was received by several fans from Patrick Lee, editor of Sci Fi Wire – the news & info site on SciFi.com – stating that an announcement was expected ‘this week’. The week came & went with absolutely NO response from either the Sci-Fi Channel or its parent company NBC/Universal.

On August 3, 2007, a statement was posted on Sci Fi Wire concerning Paul Blackthorne – lead actor of the Dresden Files – having accepted a recurring role on the new show Big Shots. The last sentence again stated that the status of the series had not been decided. Later that same day, the last sentence was altered to say that the Dresden Files would not be back for Season 2.

We fans believe that not only is the Dresden Files the BEST TV series that has been released in 2007, it is also the most intelligent, witty, suspenseful, engaging, and endearing show that has been released on ANY channel or network in YEARS!

For this reason, we are petitioning Lionsgate as producers of the show, and any and ALL television channels to pick up the Dresden Files - cast & crew – for Season 2!!

We, the undersigned, call on the EXECUTIVES and MANAGEMENT of LIONSGATE to market the Dresden Files TV series to other channels and Networks!!


When the Dresden Files Season 2 IS aired, we further promise to work even HARDER to support and help promote the series to the best of our abilities!!

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