Dear Rocko Fans,

Do you love Rockos Modern Life?

If so I know that you are happy that the new Nicktoons channel is showing re-runs of Rocko. But I think, why not get new episodes? Rocko creator Joe Murray has been making many new shows (the latest being Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network) but they all suck. To me, Rockos Modern Life was the standard show that all shows tried to life up to. I've contacted the creator of a Rocko website (Dr. Caleb Sayre) that is helping me make a 1,000,000 letter drive to Nickelodeon to get new episodes of Rocko. By the way, Calebs website is at


Please go to it and check it out. If you want new episodes of Rocko, sign the petition, write letters to Nickelodeon, and tell your friends to do the same. You can also go to www.joemurraystudios.com and e-mail Rocko creator Joe Murray about making new episodes. I, also, have made my own website. It is at


Please help us get new episodes of (in my opinion) Nickeldeon's greatest show of all time, and maybe check out signing petitions on getting new episodes or bringing back other Nick classics.

Please Help Us Get New Episodes Of Rocko's Modern Life!!

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