The Creater of Code: Lyoko

December 10, 2005

I would like a new character named SnaK to be on Code: Lyoko. These are her characteristics:

Name: SnaK
Birthday: September 1st
Classes, age, etc.: Same as Odd
Description: SnaK should be a girl only a little shorter than Odd. She loves the color purple, and has long blonde hair with purple streaks in the front. She wears purple pants with a dark purple wrap-around skirt (like Sissi's) a small black shirt with a strip of purple lace across the front, and black shoes.

Lovelife: She totally ADORES Odd, and he 'secretly' likes her. She thinks he likes someone else, and he thinks she likes someone else. But really, they love each other.

Pets: She has a teacup chihuahua named Strawberry

Lyoko: Odd shows her, and doesnt tell the others....:) she already knows all about it though. It turns out, she was born in lyoko, and had every power imaginable! She can fly, think of something and it happens, anything.

It sounds like she has a good life, but she really has a VERY emotional background. She was only three years old when she came to the real world. Her parents died in a violent attack by X.A.N.A. and she didn't know what was going on...she was too little. Somehow, a mysterious shadow guided her to the scanner room, and she has been in lyoko ever since.

She finally got her power to appear anywhere (even on earth) and she materialzed herself. When she got there, she went to Kadic. That's when she saw Odd, the nicest guy she ever met. BUT, she thought he liked someone else, and couldnt stand to even think about it.

Email me at snak_rules_all@hotmail.com for details and extera info.

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