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Just got an email from the school system about the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.... please do not let your kids watch this. My goal is to get my degree in psychology..... when the creators of this show did research they were warned by mental health professionals not to create a show that glamorizes suicide. A lot of suicides are caused from the thought that when they're dead, they will be remembered and loved as opposed to being "ignored" and "hated" now. Which we are always loved by someone. I have talks with my son now, at the age of six, that he is loved by many between our two family's (mine and his mothers). As well as to always tell me the truth or if he feels someone is doing something wrong to him that he wont be in trouble and i will always protect him. (GOD help anyone that forces me to prove that. I have no mercy!) Many of us have contemplated suicide, and I have attempted it twice in my youth. Ive felt the emptiness and hate of myself that i thought i deserved. PLEASE BOYCOTT THAT SHOW! Don't watch it, don't let your kid's watch it, it should be removed......... I've lost good friends, childhood friends, people I love. Don't add to the list. If you read all this, thank you!

We, the average American family, who loves our family and friends, humbly request that Netflix, please remove the controversial series original, 13 Reasons Why, from your programming. We appreciate the service you provide for adults and children alike, but this series is reaching an audience that is emotionally fragile already. Thank you for your consideration.

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