#Neighborhood Living
Parish President, City Council, Iberville Parish
United States of America

It has been about 3 or more months since our water flow to our homes has been running slow.

It was brought to our (neighborhood) attention that the water pressure is low because of the size of the water line is to small. We are not sure why all of a sudden the water pressure slowly flows. It takes a long time for water to flow for us to shower, cook, wash clothes, dishes, water the lawn, wash cars, etc.

Along with the water pressure our fire hydrants are out dated. Between five streets there are two fire hydrants. We have lost several home destroyed because of this.

With water pressure so low now, we are afraid if a fire starts, we could lose an entire neighborhood.

We, the undesigned community of Bell Street, Nicholas Street, George Street, West Street and Homestead Drive call on Iberville Parish to supply us with sufficient water pressure and ample fire hydrants to accommodate the community of the listed streets.

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