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To all kpop fans, help us Dreamies get the attention of SM Entertainment to make NCT Dream a fixed unit. They're not just a group, they are a family. They don't deserve to be seperated by the graduation system. They've achived so much and finally had their own concert. It isn't fair to them and to us fans.
Help us trend #드림_고정해 and #NCTDREAMFIXEDUNIT on twitter to spread awareness.

Next year, NCT Dream will age up and most member with become 20 years old. Because of the graduation system SM Entertainment has applied to this subunit, most members with leave the group and only Jisung and Chenle will be left. This isn't fair to them.
Us fans of NCT Dream are begging SM to make them a fixed unit so they can stay together ♡ please help us spread awareness!!

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