Dr. Zhou Xing-yi (周行一), President of National Chengchi University


Since the petition you are about to sign concerns a local NCCU issue, only signatures of NCCU students will count. To confirm your NCCU student identity please send me your ID# via Facebook (private message). If you are non-NCCU student, please feel free to sign our petition to show your support!

Dear NCCU Students,
Please join us in making our lives easier and healthier, and our world greener.
Right now, the NCCU campus lacks vegetarian options. The vegetarian environment around the campus is not ideal either. I believe that all NCCU students and faculty members should be given the opportunity to eat VEGETARIAN FOOD on the campus. And accessing vegetarian food should be as fast and easy as possible.
I also believe that the importance of having the right to choose vegetarian food has never been greater, as we are facing so many ecological challenges today*.

Therefore, we hope NCCU could provide VEGETARIAN BUFFET!
A chance for us to have a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE and ENVIRONMENT and to complement the already beautifully green surroundings of National Chengchi University with another green facet! 

If you are a vegetarian or a meat eater who loves to occasionally enjoy vegetarian food, please join our petition and let the NCCU president hear our request!
Please “Like” the NCCU Goes Green Facebook page and share the news with more people.

Let's make this difference together!


Industrialized meat production leads to:
- extensive water consumption (20,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of meat!) 
- water pollution (from fertilizers, pesticides)
- greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide)
- soil erosion
- deforestation (50 sq. meters of rainforest to produce 1kg of meat)
- animal waste accumulation
- biodiversity loss




若您是素食者或是偶而想吃得健康的葷食者,歡迎連署讓政大校長聽到我們祈求!或是幫我們的臉書專頁 ”NCCU Goes Green” 按讚!與更多人分享~

- 大量的耗水量(生產1公斤的肉需耗費兩萬公升的水)
- 水污染(化肥及農藥所造成的)
- 溫室氣體排放(二氧化碳,甲烷,一氧化二氮)
- 土壤流失
- 動物糞便堆積
- 生物多樣性的喪失

We, the undersigned, ask the NCCU President to open a vegetarian buffet on campus for all students and faculty, so everyone has a healthier choice of things to eat.

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