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The developers of the game Naval Age (Android) and Empirefleet (iOS),have singled out and discriminated against the players of the American servers.

The developers made a mistake, and opened up a free lottery on the UK and NA servers. The developers noticed their mistake halfway through the NA servers day and removed the lottery from said servers. They then stated, out of fairness to people who pay a lot, that they would have to roll our server back (restore it to a previous point), deleting all the items we have received.

They deleted all the ships that were built. They removed all the honor that the players had won. Removed all the Maniac points that were won. Removed all experience that was won. They took away a whole day of gameplay because of a mistake made on their end.

The biggest problem is, they allowed the United Kingdom players to keep their free items. They did not roll back the UK servers, they only choose to single out the American market, because we are their biggest money makers.

gNetop issued a "compensation" package to the NA players totaling 1k gems. This was not enough to compensate for the issues that they have cause, so each player is filing with our respective app providers for COMPLETE refunds spanning the ENTIRE length of play.

To make matters worse, gNetop sent representative by the name of Grace to negotiate a compensation package. They asked what our request were and we told them flat out what we wanted; the same respect that the UK servers got. We asked for 6k in gems, a 19 gems lotto with special prizes specifically for the North American servers, restoration of all the accounts of people who donated ships and quit the game.

Upon ending our conversation with Grace from gNetop, there was quickly a notice issued to the NA players about another compensation. They issued 1k gems, and a 19 gem lottery. This is not close to enough. We feel that gNetop has violated the Google Terms of Service, and have specifically attacked the American player market. We feel our rights have been violated and demand proper action and recourse.

We, the signees of this petition, wish for full compensation as that of the UK servers were given.

We wish to not be singled out, and treated differently because we are Americans, and make them the most money.

We want 10k in gems, a 19 gem lottery that lasts 10 hours, all player accounts restored, and the timeout glitches fixed.

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