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A large number of Gisborne residents will receive natural gas to their homes by February 2008.

However, there is another section of Gisborne which is located over the Calder Freeway, Emmeline Drive, Panorama Drive, and McGregor Road which is home to a large number of residents. These residents are not listed to receive the much needed natural gas to their homes.

TO: All residents of Emmeline Drive, Haywood Drive, Panorama Road, Outlook Road, McGregor Road, Greenvale Drive and Bennett Road.

Here is your chance to make a request for NATURAL GAS supply to your home.

Please complete the attached petition which will be sent to one of the Gas Retailers - TruEnergy.

This petition will demonstrate that there are a large number of families living on the other side of the freeway and we need and deserve natural gas supply just as much as the residents in Gisborne.

There is a slight possibility we may have to share a cost for the installation of the gas pipes. If we do have to pay, you need to ask yourself -
How much have you paid Elgas for refills this winter? How much will you pay for natural gas once installed? (Winter 2006 natural gas bill for 3mths for a 30sq home with ducted heating on constantly was $300.00).

Remember, if there are enough homes we may not pay at all.

Please take 5mins and make your vote count.

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