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There seems to be a grave error in the writing of the US Constitution because it failed to put in place specific protections for the very women who populated this Great nation. Who were our Forefathers, these men who denied the right to vote to slaves and the women who shared their beds. As a man I like to think they were all honorable men. However common sense dictates that at least a few abused their own wives and daughters. They framed the Constitution as well as the notion that a man's home is his castle, despite the fact that, even in that era, women bought home everything but the bacon. Cooking. Cleaning. Shopping. Pregnant. Raising Children. The list endless.

In 2011 women do have the right to vote but outdated laws still fail to protect her from abuse in her own castle. On every street in America lives a woman being tortured by a manipulative spouse with no end in sight. Fear and shame grips her, preventing her from seeking the help she need. It is time society gave her such help by enacting a NATIONAL WATCH-LIST FOR CONVICTED ABUSERS OF WOMEN.

This Petition is a grass roots effort started on Twitter and all social sites in an effort to have President Obama signed THE NATIONAL WATCH-LIST FOR CONVICTED ABUSERS OF WOMEN into law prior to him leaving office.

Such a Watch-list would be compiled from conviction records already in the public domain, and maintained by each state. Just like sex offenders, a Watch-list would alert a woman who the abusers are in her social circles. Most abusers leave behind a lifetime of victims.

For the abuser without a conviction the Watch-list would keep his fist in check. The woman he has abused in the past would now have a powerful weapon upon which to use against the pain he has caused her, for they both realized the shame and public condemnation his name on THE NATIONAL WATCH-LIST FOR CONVICTED ABUSERS OF WOMEN would cause.

You are asked to not only sign this Petition but join in this grass roots crusade to protect women you know are being abused. If you do not know, ask a neighbor. The pain of abuse is that widespread in America. For this reason, if you choose to do nothing else, please spread the word about this Petition for a NATIONAL WATCH-LIST FOR CONVICTED ABUSERS OF WOMEN.

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