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Members of the office of the President of the United States of America, Department of Defense, Congress, State Department and the media need to address the issue of having foreign nations return our missing Combat Veterans from all current and previous wars that have been classified as "Missing and Presumed Dead".

Whereas there are large numbers of sightings of POW/MIA United States veterans within foreign nations who had served within the US Military, who were captured, and then stated within declassified federal records they maybe still alive, being held against they're will, even till this today.

Even with the possibility of these men and women still being alive and being held overseas, no one has attempted seek for there return nor has there been any dialog within the State Department or any other agencies to establish a dialog between the United States and host nation holding these prisoners.

Furthermore even upon receipt of complains of families, friends and other citizens all who question the missing status on these men and women our government has never set up and special task force concerned with federal funding, manpower and government clearance to act as both investigators and allowance within presidential power to act to seek .

These men and women fought in wars going back as far as WWII and there has been enough evidence to move forth with full investigative power to return these men and women to the United States.

The National POW/MIA Initiative Petition Drive, launched this amended petition which seeks the assistance of Rolling Thunder® Inc., with the full support of the National Alliance of Families, and all and every other veterans organization and group, to include as well all voting and non-voting citizens of the United States call upon the President and Congress to;

Direct the Department of Defense to recognize the Prisoner of War" (POW) (MIA-C) any member of the U.S. Armed Forces, paramilitary, militia, U.S. citizens employed by a U.S. agency or under U.S. Government contract who are captured and held against his/her will as being top priority in investigating and seeking their return to the United States.

Whereby within the Department of Defense, The State Department, CIA, DIA, NSA and all other Federal Government and Military Office which operation in and outside the United States will for the first time to work together gathering information on live sightings classified and or non-classified that will be provided to our National POW/MIA Initiative Task Force with it’s members appointed by the office of the President and all members of Congress and the Senate who will take action based on the request of the voters/citizens of America who want a answer to why there has been no government based agency engaged in rescue attempts going back as far as World War II.

IN addition we the undersign request that upon receipt a “Citizen based Task Force” be given this right so that the men and women who have serviced in wars fought by America can have the help they need to get back and all assistance needed to return them to a safe haven within the United States with full honor and rights returned to them as United States Citizens.

Because of the factor there have been at least 20,000 reported sightings of these POW/MIA’s still alive within foreign nations and many seen within prisoner of war camps, we are seeking to have a special investigative panel appointed. Those on that committee will be chosen by our organization and will be granted full investigative power and also we seek to have executive orders from the President in order to enable us to do everything possible to get these men and women back home on America soil.

Within this committee we will also be launching legal assistance fund to help the families and the men and women who will be returning as well as a sub panel involved in the issue of helping the returnees with the issue of housing, mental health, money, and employment which will be offered up without bias.

The fact that holding these prisoners is in violation of the Geneva Code and in violation of the prisoner of war acts we seek that this commission and taskforce be setup without delay because of the impact this will have on these POW/MIA rights to freedom under these codes and laws.

We want POW/MIA men and women back home on American soil.

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