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We are murdering our own offspring. "Abortion is the murder of an innocent child. It has to be condemned by society." - Ven. Pope John Paul II, 2/14/82 Nigeria. "(Abortion) is pure, pure murder." - Blessed Mother Teresa in video to David T. Little, now President of the World St. Thomas More Society.

The USA is the most influential nation on earth. Unless we end this demonic barbarity, and soon, the USA will destroy itself as it has cursed itself by coercing its citizens to pay for abortion through income tax. 50,000,000 and more innocent preborn children have been murdered since 1973. Go to www.worldthomasmore.org for full facts and information.

We the undersigned declare our ABSOLUTE RESPECT FOR ALL HUMAN LIFE from the first moment of conception until natural death. Direct induced abortion is the pure murder of an innocent human person, an unspeakable crime against God and all humanity.

We attach our signatures petitioning the United States Congress to PROHIBIT THE USE OF INCOME TAX, whether Federal or State, in payment for direct induced abortion, whether domestic or foreign as a FIRST STEP in OUTLAWING THIS ABOMINABLE CRIME, a scandalous depravity on America and the entire human race.

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