#K9 Veterans' Day proclamation
President of the United States
United States of America

March 13, 1942, is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps. In 2009, the late Joseph White, retired military dog handler, began the effort to honor military and working dogs by proclaiming March 13 as K9 Veterans' Day.

Following Joe White's leadership, there is a national effort to establish March 13 as K9 Veterans’ Day. Several states have already taken that step. Our goal is to have March 13 proclaimed as national K9 Veterans’ Day, similar to our current Veterans' Day.

K9 Veterans Day is intended to honor military dogs as well as those working with police, customs, border patrol, service, therapy and other working dogs whose mission it is to protect and serve the homeland and people within it.

Working dogs are commended for their loyalty and devotion and are known for placing themselves in harm’s way even to the point of making the ultimate sacrifice for their partners, handlers, and trainers.

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America, submit this petition to the President of the United States to pay tribute to the service of the K9 Corps and all working dogs, with the designation of March 13 (in coordination with the creation of the official K9 Corps on March 13, 1942) as National K9 Veterans’ Day, forever remembering their loyal service and sacrifice.

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