Ed Gundy
United States of America

On April 19, 2005 the US NAVY had the USS AMERICA CV-66 taken out into the Atlantic Ocean for live testing to see what it will take to sink a super carrier. She will be sunk in 6,000 feet of salt water never to be seen again.

We want her name to continue to be proudly displayed on the next carrier to be built around 2007 and be commissioned around 2014.

I believe that CVN-78 should be named the USS AMERICA to recognize the sacrifice that the previous USS AMERICA (CV-66) offered for the engineering of the newest class of super carriers. It is fitting that the first ship built in this new class carry the name of the ship who gave her all for the protection of her crew. There have been 3 previous USS AMERICA ships in the fleet and I believe that the tradition should continue with the naming of CVN78 as the next. As members of her previous crew have stated, "My Ship, My Country!"

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