#Human Rights
the House of Representatives
New Zealand

Palm oil in New Zealand has no legal name which is atrocious as this substance funds the slavery and death of people.

Palm oil manufacturers have violated approximately ten human rights. The US, EU and Canada all have a legal name for palm oil so New Zealand casting a blind eye to this issue is embarrassing.

WWF have stated at least half of the packaged products New Zealand sells within its supermarkets contain palm oil. New Zealand's have the right to know what products have palm oil in them as some have the awareness and honour to avoid funding this issue.

Millions of hectares of forest are being burned and demolished due to these plantations and people should know what products are funding this destruction. New Zealanders deserve a legal name for palm oil on the packaging of these products.

We, the undersigned, call on the House of Representatives to give palm oil a legal name.

This is New Zealand's call for change.

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