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Genocide is an International Crime punishable under International law as defined by UNGA Resolution of 1951. There are able legal precedents to this effect such as the Nuremberg Trials of 1952 , the Special Tribunals on Yogoslavia, Special Tribunals on Rwanda , Special Tribunals on Cambioda all these cases are clear evidence that only Universal Jurisdiction can adjudicate on Crimes of Genocide which are defined under the Geneva Genocide Convention of 1948, and subsiquent Statutes of the International Criminal Court, UNGA Resolution of 1951, all declaring Genocide as Crime against humanity punishable under International law. The only route to seek Universal Justice about Ovaherero/Nama Genocide is to lay complaint of Genocide to the UN . It is the UN that have obligation to deliver Universal Justice by approaching the ICJ for a Advisory Opinion on specifically the Ovaherero/Nama Genocide of 1904/05 respectively. Let's not waste time the only route to secure Universal Jusitice is through the Haque(ICJ). Aluta! Ben Karamata:Diplomat/Social Scientist/International Law Adherernt!

Both the German/Namibian Governments lack jurisdiction on adjudicating or negotiating the Crimes of Genocide which are beyond their scope of bilateral talks , so whatever is to be concluded in April in Berlin is not about Genocide nor Apology nor Reparations, but only bilateral agreements known to the two Govts, nothing to do with Ovaherero/Nama Genocide. I reiterate that our Govt must do the right thing, have the President Dr Hage Geingob include a simple phrase about Ovaherero/Nama Genocide of 1904/5 committed by the Imperial German in his speech to the UNGA for the global community of nations, to know about the Crimes of Genocide in the than SWA, against the Ovaherero/Nama nations by the Orders of the Kaizer of the First Reich, executed by General von Trotha with the declared intent of annihilating the Ovaherero/Nama nations from the face of the earth, openning a new chapter in the long awaited UN intervention, placing the criminal acts of Germany squarely on the agenda of the UN Trusteeship Council, putting Germany in the dock of International justice. The UNGA is to start in September, we must start now to petition the President to make that historic statement to the UN. Political parties, Traditional Authorities, NGO's,Academics,Trade Unions,Churches, all these entinties must mobilise such petitions to the President in amble time. Let universal justice prevail!
Fritz H Dausab
Nama Social Scientist

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