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My partner has been in prison for almost 6 months. We were hoping that his sentence will be reduced and finished on or before13th August. He appealed against his sentence and his appeal went through and he is hoping to attend the court on Friday.

I contacted our mp concerning his immigration papers the home office wrote to him that they are processing his case. He left me with a 51/2 weeks baby when they took him on 9th February, not fully recovered from operation and with no help at all as the social service said i was not entitled to any benefit for a baby as an international student and him being a failed asylum seeker.

I manage to survive mainly for the help of the church.
I was expecting that after his sentence my partner should be able to come out and support our baby so that i can go on with my studies but last week the immigration prisoner officer told him that no matter what happened to his sentence he is going to be detained and deported back to DRC congo.

I am so confused and i don't understand why are they doing this to my family, i am sure if he go back to his country he is going to be killed and i cant go with him, if i send my baby to masai land he will not be accepted (a baby from non maasai dad). I am struggling to stay in UK for the time being using some serving i had and help from the church worrying not to know what else i can do. I feel there is no justice at all.

Call for Jacques Kalombo not to be deported so that he can take care of his son/family. It is not right as deportees are being tortured and killed in Congo

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