Muslim individuals and organizations in the USA
United States of America

Some 1,000 people each day are killed by small arms, including 250 in conflict areas. A growing number of these victims are located in majority-Muslim nations and territories like Somalia, Iraq, and Palestine.

The new MAASAT initiative of MAS Freedom-(Muslim Alliance Against Small Arms Trafficking) proposes a multi-dimensional program to educate Muslims about the dangers of small arms used in conflicts and criminal activities, and mobilize these Muslims for positive action in our communities, and to impact national and international policies related to the production, transshipment, and use of these weapons.

We, the undersigned Muslims, believe in the essential right of individual and collective security and safety for all human beings.

Accordingly, we support the restriction of the production and trafficking of small arms, and we call for an end to the flow of these weapons into areas of civil conflict as a necessary step toward ending violence and warfare in our world, and establishing global justice, peace, and security.

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