To convince Muse to write the next James Bond theme tune
United Kingdom

One day my brother and I were listening to Muse's song "Supremacy" and we thought it sounded much like a James Bond them tune, then we realised that quite a few others also do.

In fact in an interview with the drummer of Muse (Dominic Howard) he said that they originally wrote it for James Bond, but the idea was scrapped.

Muse could also gain a lot of publicity from the song, and if they were to write it then many Muse fans may be encouraged to come and watch the film, much like what Sam Smith and Adele did for the previous two Daniel Craig Bond films.

We encourage you to sign this petition so that people can hear a slightly different style of music for 007 and so that possibly one of the greatest bands in the UK can do it.

We call on you to sign this petition in a hope that it will encourage Muse to write the song for the next 007 film, and make Daniel Craig's last 007 movie as great as it can be.

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