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Murraylands, South Australia (Murray Bridge City)

Improvement of Murray Bridge Public Transport

Murray Bridge is a growing city with a current population of approximately 18-20,000 (2010). Around 2005 the town’s regular bus service was decommissioned and replaced with a ‘Dial-A-Ride’ service, which sparked controversy right across the city.

The old regular service used to run three times a day and had four different loops. Which connected the northern, western and southern suburbs to the city centre. The current ‘Dial-A-Ride’ service, leaves the main shopping centre every hour, and can take passengers right to their doorstep. The service takes an hour’s break for lunch. Both services only operate on weekdays from 8am until 4pm, and charge non-metropolitan fares.

2010 has seen some significant changes to Murray Bridge: the commencement for construction of a new large shopping mall (which will be completed towards then end of 2011), the agreement to expand the current shopping mall, rapid expansion of both inner and outer suburbs, and the commencement for construction of a new suburb development with a new multi-million dollar equine and racing facility to be included.

This has excited citizens, new opportunities, education, entertainment, and maybe a new face to Murray Bridge. But one thing is still missing, the development of a better public transport service.

Murray Bridge’s Inter-city and Regional Public Transport service isn’t any better. Murray Bridge is approximately 76km away from South Australia’s capitol, Adelaide. The inter-city service to commute citizens between the cities has seen some improvement but is still lacking so much. The cost for a High-school student to travel from Murray Bridge to Adelaide is $10.00 one way. That is way to expensive, and is even more expensive for a regular fare. Someone needing to regularly travel into the capitol is going to have to save a lot of his or her income, just for a bus ride.

Adelaide and surrounds are seeing improvements with the service provided, but what about Murray Bridge?

The national Melbourne to Adelaide railway line runs through Murray Bridge, and the city has its own railway station. In fact, include the outer suburbs of Murray Bridge; there are around 3-4 stations (Kanchina, Murray Bridge City, Rabilla and Monteith). The outer suburb stations are no longer in use, after the decommissioning of the regular country train services, back in the later years of the 20th Century.

The cost for a student to travel on the “Overland” train bound for Adelaide is $15 from Murray Bridge. That is $5.30 difference, from a luxury train to a regular bus. Something really needs to be done.

Bus stops are dotted across the city, but are no longer in use, citizens have to walk, and some have to walk great distances just to get their daily needs. I believe I do not stand alone with this topic, I have personally asked various citizens around the city, and the majority agrees.

I have asked the council numerous times about this matter, but I am given the same answer. “That they are working with the State Government on finding a solution.” Clearly, no solution has been found.

Murray Bridge needs a new service, and needs one now.

We, the people of Murray Bridge and the surrounding region, call on the State Government of South Australia.

To revise and improve the provisions of public transport in our area, to provide us with a cheap and efficient service. Allowing us to commute with ease in and around Murray Bridge.

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