#Consumer Affairs
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Pessimists of the world, unite! There are many emojis to express our feelings in every Facebook post we make. We have counted 120 different feelings to choose from, including feeling "optimistic", yet Facebook is not allowing us to feel "pessimistic"! In the era of inclusion of various groups into mainstream society, we, the pessimists of the world feel discriminated! We demand to be acknowledged on Facebook.

Think, Facebook is allowing us to feel: accomplished, aggravated, alive, alone, amazed, amazing, amused, angry, annoyed, anxious, awesome, awful, bad, beautiful, better, blah, blessed, bored, broken, chill, cold, comfortable, confident, confused, content, cool, crappy, crazy, curious, depressed, determined, disappointed, down, drained, drunk, ecstatic, emotional, energized, excited, exhausted, fantastic, fat, free, fresh, frustrated, full, funny, good, grateful, great, guilty, happy, heartbroken, helpless, hopeful, hopeless, horrible, hot, hungry, hurt, impatient, in love, incomplete, inspired, irritated, lazy, lonely, lost, loved, lovely, lucky, mad, meh, miserable, motivated, nervous, nostalgic, OK, old, optimistic, overwhelmed, pained, pissed, pissed off, positive, pretty, proud, pumped, ready, refreshed, relaxed, relieved, rough, sad, safe, satisfied, scared, sexy, shocked, sick, silly, sleepy, sore, sorry, special, stressed, strong, stupid, super, surprised, terrible, thankful, tired, uncomfortable, upset, weak, weird, well, wonderful, worried. ALL THAT, BUT FEELING PESSIMISTIC!

We, the undersigned pessimists of the world, (otherwise known as well informed optimists) call on the Facebook and Mark Zuckerbeg to allow us to "feel" pessimistic while posting on Facebook. The current state of the world affairs is warranting having that option.
We are looking forward with optimism that our plea will be satisfied.

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