#Civil Rights
Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

June 30, 2006

S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO Ltd. has worked hard towards the uplifting of NEEPCO and its employees which prior to his tenure was going in loss of Rs.4 billion and was recommended for "Disinvestment" by Govt. of India.

Since, Mr. S.C. Sharma took over as CMD in late 2002 NEEPCO Ltd. has not only gained profit of Rs.2 billion/ yr but has also got a Indian Govt. rating of "Excellent" for its outstanding performance in the energy sector.

Its hundreds of employees, who would have otherwise lost their jobs because of the "Disinvestment" have for the first time got a 10 percent bonus. With the revived and profitable NEEPCO not only the employee morale is all time high but there is also an abundance of energy, jobs and economic development in an otherwise insurgent North Eastern India.

Therefore, we the Employees of NEEPCO want to join hands to show our support to Mr. S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO Ltd.

We also want to clarify that the misleading propaganda against Mr. Sharma is a handy work of certain wasted interests, even Mr. Jayant Barkakoti, (Director Technical, NEEPCO) who along with others are under investigation by Govt. of India for corruption charges and alleged link to the insurgents.

We support Mr. S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO Ltd. and condemn the misleading propaganda by certain vested interest to restrain the development of NEEPCO, the remaining few profitable entity of North Eastern India.

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