Members of the Legislative Assembly, Prince Edward Island Liberal Party

I think it is time that we as Islanders take a stand against this government and their strategies to reduce debt (Just to be clear — because Sheridan is not — the P.E.I. government is not implementing the HST so that Islanders may pay less in total taxes. Oh, no. Budget projections suggest the combined HST will bring in about $25 million a year in new taxes.)

I think we are making it harder and harder for the common Islander to make a very basic living in this province. The HST is coming in on basic needs. There are Islanders now who can't afford to feed families, but let's tax them higher and make it so that they cannot eat at all. There are breakfast programs in the schools because it was identified that there were children coming to school hungry. What is next? Dinner programs? And a CPI increase on other taxes? How many Islanders got a CPI increase on their pay?

And if we all have to cut ~3% each year, what will this look like for the common Islander? Will it mean that they turn the heat down even lower in their homes? Do they eventually freeze? Do we take more food from the table of families? Do providers come in to access medical services because they are so stressed due to the fact that they can no longer provide for their families? Do people become forced to choose to do without life saving medications because they have to pay tax instead? How long did it take the PEI government to create this deficit they talk about? And they want to eliminate it in three years. On who's back, do you think?

Time to send a strong message to this PEI government! We have a voice. Let's use it!!

We, the undersigned, call for the resignation Of Premiere Robert Ghiz of The Prince Edward Island Liberal Party.

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