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The Covid19 vaccine programmes have been rushed through without public understanding of the scientific facts and the implications on health. Discussion is needed to inform the public and those who are making decisions to bring in these experimental vaccines. These discussions may also lead to consideration of alternatives. Those responsible for introducing these vaccines must be made accountable and therefore this petition is vitally important.

We demand that members of parliament (unless individually opposing the rushed and experimental Covid19 vaccine programmes) take the vaccines first. The process should be independently administered and monitored by whistleblowing healthcare practitioners.

One year after which the health history of MPs will be assessed and a national debate on the efficacy and safety of the Covid19 vaccines, for which the makers have been granted no liability for any illness or death, will take place.

Piers Corbyn

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The MPs should take the new Covid19 vaccines first to test the safety and efficacy of them petition to UK Government was written by Piers Corbyn and is in the category Health at GoPetition.

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