Colorado State High School Activities Association- Boys' Tennis
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The USTA moved the date of two National level tournaments - the National Selection and Closed Regional Tennis Tournaments for 2014. The new date creates a conflict for Colorado's top high school tennis players. It is therefore requested that CHSAA move the date of the State High School Championship tournament so Colorado’s elite players will be permitted to represent both their High Schools and the State of Colorado.

The High School State Championships (4A and 5A) are marque events that showcase the state’s elite tennis players and enhances the reputation of Colorado Tennis and the quality of Colorado High School programs.

Of the 352 high school players that played at State last year, approximately 25 of those players would be impacted by this conflict. Based on the 2013 4A and 5A draws, all (100%) of the #1, 2, and 3 singles finalists are impacted by this conflict and would have to choose between representing their high school team and earning national ranking points, important for their future tennis career.

Insuring no conflict in schedules affects the quality of play and the crowning of truly meaningful individual and team titles. Knowing the best players are competing for and representing their respective school maintains the importance and tradition of this event.

Finally and most importantly, all high school tennis players in Colorado should be able to experience high school sports and competition. For most of the year, tennis is an individual sport. High School Tennis provides players with an opportunity to experience the camaraderie, teamwork, sacrifice, hard work, victories, and tough defeats together as a team. These are the experiences that build strong individuals with character and integrity.

Avoiding the schedule conflict is a win-win for everyone. Teams, players, schools, coaches, the integrity of CHSAA and the sport of tennis will all benefit if the event is moved one week and the conflict is avoided.

We, the undersigned, call on CHSAA to move the date of the Boys' Tennis High School State Championships from Oct. 9th 2014 to the following week to avoid the USTA National Tournament conflict.

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