Eddie Bernice Johnson 30th district Texas
United States of America

December, 2005

To protest and make change to the idea in wich President Bush has recently claimed... Illegal immigrants should be granted work visas in order to fufill the jobs in the United States of America that natural born Americans will not take.

We would like every legal American citizen who does not have a job, or has ever been unemployed and would gladly take a job in construction, on a highway crew, doing dishes, mowing lawns...ect. Now, I mean NO offense to the men women and children who want better lives for their families in America, but you must know this....we do not all have it as easy as Bush!

So please stand up and let your voice be heard... "Mr. Bush, I'll take that job"!

This petition is specifically being sent to Texas 30th district rep. Dallas.

I, a legal citizen of the United States of America, would gladly take any job in which our President has recently declared I would not. Given the oppurtunity, I would take any employment available.

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