Aimco Windrift Apartments
United States of America

Upon residing in my Windrift Apartment roaches, as well as other pests, have become a constant nuisance. I have lived on the premises for 9 months now and my lease and agreement is up on October 3, 2011.

I have made several attempts to resolve the issue to no avail. Not only to roaches occupy the home but also ear-wigs, waterbugs, knats, and worms.

We the undersigned residents, family and friends, of those residing at Windrift Apartment, call apon Aimco Windrift Apartments for better pest control.

We are in agreement that the service that provides the pest control services are not controlling the pest.

We have seen these pest (that include but is not limited to, roaches, waterbugs, ear-wigs, and worms) all throughout thee apartment; for example the kichten, bathrooms, bedrooms, living-room, etc...
We want Windrift to fumigate the apartments so that we can have a peice of mind and more comfortable stay while living in Windrift Apartments.

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