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This is the most horrendous poker room not only in Australia but maybe the world. When all the factors are taken in to consideration of the location and transient style city the Gold Coast is, this casino should be looking to accommodate the 1000's of thousands of visitors we get every day to the establishment. Echo Entertainment, as the name suggests, is here to entertain, yet what I see almost every day (I play poker 5-7 times per week, mostly at nights), is long lists of visitors and locals who can not play the game they would like to play.

During the weekend of the 15th-16th of November, where the hotels on the Gold Coast were at capacity due to the G20 summit long weekend, numerous other functions on, there was a list which was so large that there was a scrolling bar on the left, I had to start this petition. I heard at least 30-40 people last night lose their cool at the ridiculous 3 HOUR WAIT TIMES to get a seat. This is not entertainment Echo, this is an embarrassment.

The thing I don't understand, is why out of the two South-East Queensland casinos, Brisbane has a decent amount of tables, yet Gold Coast does not. The nature of our city, lends it self to "a great night out", for many men and woman, that includes a game of poker, however, they are so often, unable to get a game.

We the undersigned call on Echo Entertainment to provide the entertainment that its players want, by adding 3 more poker tables and ensuring that there is sufficient, trained staff, to work, to open and close tables during peak visiting times.

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