BIGHIT ent in South Korea
United States of America

A community of Kpop fans and I, feel sort of neglected, due to the simple fact that we here in Detroit Michigan do NOT have the luxury of receiving a perform by our favorite groups. i would also like to inform you that on a variety show, i noticed that Kim Namjoon(Rap Monster) of bts (bangtan boys) had on a Detroit hat,
link: ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgiIs9Ot-_U ) in this video.
Recently, to be exact, on Wednesday March 29, 2017 bts had a concert in Chicago that I had badly wanted to attend. Due to certain circumstances, i was unable to attend however, i can assure you that myself along with dozens of fellow ARMYS would be able to attend a performance in the Detroit metro area. I'm unsure if you are aware that there are thousands of kpop fan living in AND around the Detroit metro area.There are A LOT of things to love about Detroit. Detroit Michigan was the place where the first car was made. its also where many famous people come from for insentience,famous Korean-American Actor Ken Jeong and Rapper Big Sean. Famous Motown singers also came from Detroit. The point is all music is important, And i would love if bts shared their music in Detroit Michingan.
Thank you for your time, Love An ARMY Ahmya

Calling all the ARMYS in and around the Detroit Metro Area, this is for us to show how much we love BTS and wish to see and meet them to give them great memories please help not only me but others like myself achieve this Goal, thank you so much for your time. FIGHTING!!

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