Toronto City's Honorable Mayor Miller

In Toronto, we are privileged enough to have, an outstanding amount of 1473 named parks in Toronto. There are such a large number parks, and this creates many benefits that effect: community, the environment, and the economy. Therefore, the parks in Toronto are an important part of the city and they should be maintained to the best of the city’s ability.

According to my research, individuals in the Toronto area go to the park for many reasons, which include; spending quality time with friends & family, exercising, playing sports, relaxing, getting fresh air, walking on the trails and taking pictures of nature. Unfortunately though according to the research, 46% go to the park only 0-10 times a year!

When individuals were asked why they only go a few times a year, there were many answers provided but one reason that was dominant in all answers was the cleanliness of parks. Therefore there should be more garbage bins and recycling bins in parks to ensure the best quality of cleanliness in parks so people can enjoy them happily. This petition is directed towards helping Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation & The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

We, the undersigned, petition that Toronto's Honorable Mayor Miller provides the Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division a more sufficient amount of garbage cans and recycling bins in all of the Greater Toronto City parks. This will ensure that parks stay clean throughout the year.

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