#Civil Rights
Mohajir Rabta Council

We are the descendants of the founders of Pakistan, but we have no identity in Pakistan. We have land for millions of Muslims in the name of Islam, but we are without land ourselves.

We gave sacrifices of over 2 million lives for making Pakistan, a reality in 1947 and we offered sacrifices of seven hundred thousand more lives for saving Pakistan in 1971, but still we are not recognized as true Pakistanis. It has been more than 64 years since the creation of Pakistan, but we are still called as the Mohajirs in this land of the pure. We are addressing you with high hopes.

We are confident that you will look upon the descendants of the founders of Pakistan with kindness. We hope this because Pakistan and the Mohajirs are inseparable from each other. The Mohajirs are the true defendants of the Ideology of Pakistan, and their salvation lies in the survival of the country. The more this bond strengthens, the stronger and more prosperous Pakistan would be.

The patriotic forces should get united for the survival and security of the country, particularly at a time when the country is faced with internal and external threats and when the perpetual enemies of Islam are bent upon destroying the fortress of Islam that Pakistan is. It is all the more necessary to get united when the history also bears out that the number of people wanting to disintegrate Pakistan is more from within the country itself.

The Mohajirs are against all those that are working against the country for their vested interests by carrying out terrorism, spreading chaos and anarchy, and those who are busy in weakening the ideological boundaries of the country on the basis of language, religion, and culture. The Mohajirs have strong feelings for the country, and they have the courage to lay down their lives for the survival and security of their country just like their forefathers. They are no less powerful against these forces, whether working for a Greater Afghanistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, people wanting a free Balochistan or those having the vicious aim of transforming Sindh into a Sindh Desh, than the armed forces of the country and other patriotic forces against the elements conspiring against Pakistan. They only need a chance to prove their patriotism.

We, the undersigned, call on all parties and the UN to take notice of its constitution written in favor of the migrant settlement resulting from the Indo-Pak partition.

We want Muhajir Province in Pakistan.

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