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The UMG has to much power! I had to remove or "audio swap" over half of my videos. So This Last video I have made, I got a copyright complaint. This was the last straw, I am done with this rubbish. So i did some research, Which you can find on my video Petition at http://www.Youtube.com/viproductions12.

Now in this research, i came across some interesting info; for one, i looked up the song that has been reported for copyright "Warrior's Soul" By "Kiuas" Not only did i not find that particular "Warrior's Soul" song, I couldn't even find one song by "Kiuas" To back up my info, I visited The Universal Music Group website, I also browsed through their selection of songs and artists, So as of right now I think UMG has to much power.

I understand that they have the right to claim music that is owned by them. But when they claim songs that are not theirs, it is going to far.

I am asking all of you to sign this petition in hope of not being copyrighted by a company falsely. And to be free to upload videos "That don't break rules" that contain music that wont be slapped with a copyright claim.

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