#Children's Rights
Police,procurator, European Union

This boy has been subjected to heinous acts from the father, the boy often get depressed, have nightmares and often suggest committing suicide if he is forced to live with his father. He is always scared to see or meet his father yet he lives with the father in question. I have personal contact with the boy in question and he has always objected living with his father. With that been said, the boy needs your support or help to end his ugly situation.

I therefore require your support and signature for the government of Poland to take swift action concerning the boy because it might lead to double tragedy which are loss of life or impaired future for the boy.

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The Mistreatment of 8 year old boy by father petition to Police,procurator, European Union was written by Adebayo Adewusi and is in the category Children's Rights at GoPetition.

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