Arizona Maricopa County Court
United States of America

Tyson has been in drug treatment for 8 months and has never denied he is battling with a drug addiction.

Since his arrest in Arizona Mike has shown he is willing and able to seek help for his problem.

Maricopa County Courts will be sentencing Mike Tyson November 19, 2007.

To put Mike Tyson back in prison is not the way to help a fellow American citizen through his drug addiction.

Mike Tyson brought each and every one of us excitement at least once or twice in his career. We all watched Mike Tyson get beat over and over in the head and all parts of his body, and cheered for more.

Now that Mike Tyson is in another spot in his life, and is need of people's help and support, To send him to Prison for an addiction that is no fault of his own, would be cruel and inhumane.

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