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Attorney General
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Unfortunately my sister in law passed away September 2017 (leaving behind a loving family but most importantly at little boy that loves his mommy dearly) due to a drug overdose. Her boyfriend had made it known to the cops that he was the one that had bought the drugs and gave them too her. BUT..... because he called 911 he can not be held liable for her death. My nephew was there and saw the entire thing. And again,just yesterday, my nephew had to endure the same pain and horrible memories this past weekend while at a visit with his father and his new girlfriend. He is now 3 and should have never had to see his mommy die. But again because 911 was called, the one that bought the drugs can’t be held responsible. I am asking for everyone to come together and fight against this law. IT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! In order to protect our children, -our family, we as a community need to stand together and try to get it changed. If a person openly admits that they purchased the drugs and gave it to the one that overdosed, they should be held responsible even if they called 911.

As a community, will you stand with me to get this law changed? Or else the ones that are buying the drugs for our family is going to continue to walk the streets!

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